Outbound Call Services



Outbound Call Services

The supervisors selected to oversee our dedicated outbound group, bring to their job a sales manager’s perspective, skills and expertise in formulating strategy.

With a keen awareness that results count for everything in outbound services and telemarketing, we place particular focus on human resource development and management.


In addition, our experience in running contact services for over 4,000 companies has led us to the conclusion that a well-spoken outbound communicator does not necessarily make an outstanding outbound communicator.

In providing these services, we carefully select outbound communicators who possess the particular skills and attributes required in outbound services. Our goal is not to just process volume, but to deliver results.


<Customer Data Collection>

Includes listing and screening of targets.


<Communication Strategy Review>

Script development, operator training, preparation of direct mail pieces and questionnaires.


<Customer Database Development>

Transaction history, purchase history, attribute information, demographic information.


<Data Processing and Analysis>

Data mining, segmentation validation, and analysis


<Business Reports>

Business reports incorporating communicator feedback, accumulated knowledge, and subsequent strategic proposals.

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