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Since the founding of our company in 1994, Tokyo, Japan, our top priority has always been placed on the customer’s perspective.

While IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and other automated technologies became the  accepted trend in this industry,

we remained focused on providing customer support with real human interactions and empathy, not emotionless automated messages.


Since we have direct communication with our client’s customers, we are able to gain valuable insight into the customer’s thoughts and experiences, and as a result we can suggest ways to improve quality and revenue for our clients, while also conveying the client’s branding and company philosophy to their customers in a friendly and professional manner.


This is the reason why we have been successful in Japan to this day, for over 20 years. By delivering high quality services and going the extra mile to make our client’s happy, while also offering competitive and cost effective pricing to our clients in Japan. Now our goal is to achieve the same success in the global market!





Delivering heart to heart interactions

while placing a solid emphasis on

dialogue and professionalism

At Tele-net we take time to really get to know your business. Once we understand your core principles and values, we ensure that we deliver your message and follow your ethos as we communicate with clients on your behalf. We go above and beyond to tailor our services towards the unique needs of our customers. It is this level of detail and personalization that places us above our competitors.


We aim to be the number one marketing company that provides high value to all our clients.


Our company philosophy is based on "omotenashi" as a service, which means "hospitality" in Japanese.


• Always think of the customer’s perspective

• Full compliance

• Always do our best

• Punctuality, follow timely manner

• Positive contribution to society


Our Leadership Team

Franklin Contingjo Villacastin

Charles Vincent HO

Dan Tanaka

Yukino Shinzato

Assistant Operations Maneger

Operations Maneger

Business Development Manager

Business Development Assistant


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